N.S.S.V. Aeolus

Bastion alarm

Here is a brief explanation of how it works, so that you do not set off the alarm in the entire building ūüôā


    1. Always walk first to the entrance, on the side of the parking lot. You have to go to the door next to the bastion sign, there is a black reader to open it. There are the alarm boxes also read the instructions on the orange sheet!
    2. only boxes 2 and 3 (and 5) are important to us (photo 2)

      • if these are red: hold your tag against it, it will turn green and the alarm will go off! And you can enter these spaces!

      • are these green: DO NOT DO ANYTHING (except when you leave), you can already enter these areas
  • If you are 100% sure the last person in these rooms, set the alarm again by holding your tag against it again until it turns red (it will then beep briefly, this is normal)

  • locker 2 = space to the changing rooms

  • cupboard 3 = first aid room (don’t forget this!!!)

  • box 5 = big hall –> if everything is closed, there is also an alarm here, it works exactly the same, but only set it to red once you are 100% sure that there is no one left in the building! (including other associations) you will not have to¬†use¬†these¬†often
Photo 1
Photo 2

Getting the Gear

  1. At bastion we have the great advantage that the gear is usually fully rigged up. You can simply take it and carry it down to the water. Please do not carry the sails on your head as it leaves bumps in the sails. For the boards you can use the surfcart.
  2. Make sure that there is a baseplate in the boards. While putting it in, please ensure that the little pin at the bottom of it points towards the back and is in the rail. This makes sailing safer as they cannot slip out anymore and prevents damage on the padded area of the board.

Leaving the Gear

  1. The gear can get dirty and sandy. There is a hose near the entry. Please make use of it and quickly clean the gear when you are coming back.
  2. The boards tend to fall out of the racks. Please make sure that you put them into the racks with an angle to prevent them falling over. Please also ensure that they rest against the foam and not on the metal and that they are placed on the rubber mats.

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